Oatmeal Stout morning coffee


Oatmeal Stout Morning Coffee , ABV 5,4. IBU 23.

Of course, each beer lover tried a lot kinds of stout. Regularly, this kind of beer characterized as a high-density dark beer, with a lot of bitterness, that not so easy to drink. This beer is a very popular among English people, but as for the special taste not so popular in the world.
But Black Cats brew masters made the real revolution in a craft beer industry – they brewed Oatmeal Coffee Stout. The delicious mixture of different smoked malt allowed to achieve the real coffee taste with no one gram of coffee inside. This beer is a very easy to drink, everybody like it because it is not as bitter as another stouts.
The after taste is a really wonderful, because you don’t want to try something more after several bottle of our Oatmeal Stout.